What makes a suit good or bad?


Over the years, Tai Pan Row has always emphasised on achieving the best quality in every detail for every suit we make. It has become something that we take pride in. So what defines the quality in our suits that allow them to stand out? Find out in our new series of blogs - "What makes a suit good or bad?"


The collar:

The first thing to determine if a suit is good or bad is through its collar. If the cutting isn't done right, the collar will not adhere itself to the body, giving the impression that it is detached from the neck.

The addition of a hand-stitched Milanese buttonhole on the lapel provides a unique touch of elegance and prestige to your suit. In bespoke tailoring, the buttonhole comes in the colour of your choice.


The sleeves:

Luxurious high-quality suits are equipped with functioning buttonholes on the jacket sleeves, for an extra display of craftsmanship and style. This is a feature that can't be found in ready-made suits. 


A proper sleeve should be shaped in the way our arms naturally curve forwards, not too straight, not too bending, not too loose and not too tight.


The body:

The best type of suit that displays top craftsmanship is full-canvas, not fused. From the two photos above we can see: a fused suit shows stiffness in the fabric, too airtight and sacrifices comfort, giving the impression that the wearer is wearing a clanky suit of armour, with the suit unable to accentuate the wearer's body curves.

A full-canvas suit of the highest quality allows the fabric to drape properly and gradually mold to your body over time. The canvas allows it to 'breathe', and accentuates the body's curves to create the 'perfect fit'.

Send in your pictures of your suit-making experience for a chance of appearing in our future blog entries! Your contributions will certainly allow us to create an ever better bespoke tailoring experience!

- to be continued