Cutting techniques: East meets West

Tai Pan Row has been vested with preserving and passing on traditional Shanghainese handcrafting techniques, striving for perfection in every possible detail; recently, Tai Pan Row has collaborated with well-known Italian crafters Saint Andrews, refining our craft to the next level by blending two traditional techniques together, passionately delivering our artistry into every piece of fabric.

Creating a top-notch image with top-notch designs, fabrics and production methods

Symbolizing extravagance with exclusivity and striving for the finest cutting, Tai Pan Row attends to every client’s personality and needs, choosing nothing but the best fabrics, accessories and designs. To achieve maximum precision, each customer is given their own unique paper pattern, which accurately records one’s frame and characteristics, to create a suit of a perfect fit that accentuates the curves of the body. Each and every part of the process is sewn by hand; and every piece of fabric is seamlessly stitched, corresponding to every pattern and line. Using a full floating canvas in every suit, Tai Pan Row’s suits are light-weighted, breathable and comfortable.