Founded in 1973, Tai Pan Row has well established its status as Hong Kong’s top sartorial artisans in crafting quintessential suits that exude luxury and class, and is known for its exceptionally meticulous craft and quality services, striving to create the best tailoring experience in town.

Brand Story

Over the years, Tai Pan Row has transformed itself from nothing but an ordinary, street-side shop into a world-renowned tailoring brand. Since its inception, Tai Pan Row has always dedicated to create its own style and image, and has given a completely new outlook to the concept of “bespoke tailoring”, by creating an enjoyable tailoring experience for the customer, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves into the process, and to appreciate the essence of suit-making. By blending top quality fabrics and years of experience, Tai Pan Row has concocted stylistic masterpieces that flourishes each customer’s own unique taste, building itself a reputation within the upper society.

Striving for Excellency

Tai Pan Row has witnessed the many ups and downs within the industry, from the 2008 Financial Crisis to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, yet still cementing its position as a prestige bespoke tailoring brand in the international market. To this day, Tai Pan Row has gained the plaudits of political and commercial leaders across the globe, and has set itself as an extraodinary example of Hong Kong Tailors.


Embracing Global Horizons

Despite the economic downturns and the ever-shrinking industry, Tai Pan Row affirms to base in Hong Kong, determined to enhance the quality of suits and develop co-operation and connections with well-known manufacturers all over the world. Other than that, Tai Pan Row also brings its elite tailoring services overseas via annual worldwide trunk shows.